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GBF's New Dinners to Go Service Testimonials:

3/25/20: I believe Ty and Debbie can heal our nation and our political differences with their good will and great cooking. The car ahead of me said re-elect Trump I am a NEVER Trumper We both got equal care and smiles! "Nothin says lovin like something from GBF's oven!" Jan Kennedy


Thysen, The salmon dinner was excellent. My wife , Diane, is an excellent cook and was impressed, the salmon was perfect. We try not to over eat so we saved half the rice and the buns. You do fill the plate. 


Diane just exclaimed, “What a nice treat.”

She didn’t have to cook but I still had to do the dishes. You were right when you said it was the best dinner for the price anywhere.

I’ll tell my friends. You may find this to be a profitable supplement  to your regular catering business when the virus scare is over.


Good luck and hope to see you at an ANA meeting before too long. In the meantime we’ll be checking your menu. 

Jim Watson


Ty, Debi, Susan  - Amy and I absolutely echo Jim's comments!!! "Confinement" on a very contented belly is wonderful  - and the salmon was incredible,  and is now "outta-sight"!!


Thanks for God Bless Food and all who run with it!! Love from your friends,  especially ANA Olympic!  

Jamie and Amy Kelly 

(BY the way.....The Bread Pudding was AWESOME for breakfast!!!)

3/25/20:  Ty and Debi,


Well, you did it again!  What an absolutely WONDERFUL turkey dinner you made available to Port Ludlow residents today!  White meat turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes with a generous amount of gravy for them all, cranberry sauce, candied sweet potatoes, green beans, a dinner roll with butter, and apple crisp for dessert — WOW!  It was all served warm in a large aluminum container that could be popped into the oven if it needed re-warming later with special separate cardboard containers for the beans, gravy, and dessert.  And talk about GOOD! Everything was well seasoned and delicious!


Thank you again for providing this service to people in the Port Ludlow area!  Having access to your wonderful meals by take-out makes this disturbing virus outbreak easier to live with.  We hope this new way of delivering food to the local folks will be successful for your business and that you can keep going even after this virus dies down!


Marge and Tom Carter


PS:  The word is spreading … many of our friends stopped by for a turkey dinner this afternoon and they are telling their friends, who are telling THEIR friends, who are….  Well, you get the idea.


Thanks again!

3/27/20:  Carol and I have just finished the most amazingly wonderful dinner from your kitchen.  My comment is that I am sorry for people in Port Ludlow who are eating take out dinners NOT prepared by GBF.  We have spread the word and will continue to do so with even more enthusiasm.  And God bless you!!!  Dick and Carol Grieves

3/25/20:   Set your table and add candles, then go to the GBF's website gbfcatering,com to order a wonderful meal on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Serve it on your best china dishes and open your favorite bottle of wine and you will think you are at a 1st class restaurant.Chef Theysen and his wife Debbie will do everything they can to make your dinner a wonderful event. They are the best!  Vicki Tallerico

Catering Testimonials:

Thysen and Debi are beyond amazing. They have always exceeded our expectations. It’s such a relief knowing we can always count on them for our catering needs but, they also aren’t above helping conquer anything that pops up along the way and in addition to the food preparation.  They are an inspiring duo and have always delivered everything (AND MORE) they have ever promised.”

      Ashley Nelson Assistant Corporate Secretary/ Office Manager

     Alaska Power & Telephone Co.

"Thank you SO MUCH for all you did for our family reunion, your catering was terrific in every way; quality of food; clean-up; friendliness; quantity, A+ all around!"

     Pam Begley, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

"Another excellent meal by GBF Catering!  Thank you!"

     Barb Richter, Port Townsend Paper Corporation (Golf Tournament Event)

"This is the best homemade lasagna I have ever eaten, and I have eaten a lot of lasagna in my lifetime!"

      Tacoma Yacht Club Member, Dinner at Point Hudson Marina Room

"Their catering service (which I have had the opportunity to enjoy on numerous occasions) is the highest quality, with employees who seem to love you and smile the whole evening. "

     Linda Johnson, local community member

"Your catering was a huge hit. Your professionalism was superb and all was executed perfectly. First dinner at a rally in a long time that everything was at the perfect temp. You and Ty are just awesome & we will definitely recommend you to others."

     Cameron Gillet, Goldwings Annual Rally

"Thank you for the wonderfully delicious food at the Jefferson Community Foundation’s luncheon on Wednesday.  I heard nothing but good remarks about the food and service.  Your crew was awesome!

I will certainly remember you for any future catering I might need in the future."

     Judy Cavett, Fairwinds Winery

Tuesday Night Dinner Guest Comment Cards from the Elks Lodge:

"In 86 years, that was the BEST chicken salad I have ever eaten!"

     Sylvia B.

"Very, Very, Just Great!"

"Dinner was superb!"

"PERFECT...As Always!"

"Delicious!  LOVE GBF Catering!"

"Terrific Food!"

"Really Good, As Always!"

"Absolutely Wonderful, Thank You!"


"Amazing Ty!"


"LOVE the Salmon! Rice! Veggies! Mousse!"

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